Demanding tenants want to change rules because they are inconvenienced

I have a problem with tenants complaining endlessly about not being able to park both of their cars (married couple) in the driveway. Their rental agreement says that they have one parking spot, inside the garage on the left side. The parking situation is tight, with only four cars able to fit at a time, but there are a total of five cars owned by the three parties that rent from me. This means that one person HAS to park on the street to let everyone come and go without being blocked at any time. I let my longest-renting tenant (Betty) have two spots, while the subject (demanding) tenants have the one.

Betty started out living with her sister, who moved out 3 years ago, and has had one roommate or another since then. The subject tenants moved in 2 years ago. They are saying that since Betty's roommate hasn't been there as long as they have, that they should have two parking spots, and Betty should only have one.

I have refused to let them have two parking spots because the rental agreement has not changed for Betty, and I don't want to arrange something like that without changing the agreements in writing, and besides I think it would devalue Betty's lease. After some arguing, the subject tenants are not giving up, and are demanding that I at least let them park in the driveway on street cleaning days, which is two days a week. However, when I tried to suggest this to Betty, she did not take that very well, and she said they have already been parking both cars in the driveway, making it very hard for her to get out of the garage.

I'm at my wit's end with this situation--any help out there with advice??

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