How many real estate properties will I likely see before I find a home I want to buy?

I've heard of the 100-10-1 rule, where you look at 100 properties, make offers on 10, and purchase 1 property. Is this a realistic view or are your experiences different?

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What is a property survey?

What is a property survey and when are they needed?

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What are the basics of the US Home Buyer Tax Credits?

Who qualifies for the tax credits, what is the timing, and how do I find out more information?

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What are my monthly costs to owning a house?

In addition to the mortgage, what other costs should I prepare for? There's obviously taxes, but what else what do I need to prepare for?

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Getting Divorced Get the house

In a divorce how does one "assume" a home loan that was/is in the other spouses name? Where do I start?

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