When do windows need to be replaced?

What are the signs that the windows need to be replaced? And do you need to wait until then or should the windows be replaced on a somewhat regular schedule?


There are several indicators of when windows need to be replaced. These include:

• when the windows show clear indications of damage. This includes chipping, cracks, mold, mildew, rotting, missing parts, and so on.
• when the windows shows signs of weakness. That is, does it make noise when it's windy? Is the glass chipped, cracked, broken?
• when the windows don't function. Can you open and close them? Do you need something to hold them open/close?
• when the windows have been infested with pests.
• when the windows do not keep out cold or heat from the outside. There is also something to be said about calculating the additional heat and air conditioning costs due to poor windows.
• when the windows are not safe. That is, can someone from the outside easily force the window open? Are the locks broken?
• if there is frost and condensation on the windows you should definitely determine why. Is it because the windows are no longer adequate or is it due to other issues?
• when there is condensation in between panels of multi-panel windows.
• when there are drafts coming from a closed window this is generally a good indication that something is amiss.

Additionally, if you're trying to rent or sell your property, you may want to replace windows if:

• they look aged
• they are outdated from the current styles and designs
• they barely keep the noise

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