I don’t want to fix toilets at 3 in the morning?

I want to buy real estate to rent out to tenants, but I really don't want to be fixing toilets at 3am. How can I avoid this?


Well one way to avoid this is the quality of materials you put in the rental.You don't want top of the line materials, but the bare bottom materials will have you put more work in them than necessary because of poor quality, like toilets for instance the cheapest ones don't apply the porcelain coating throughout the entire inside of the toilet trap, therefore paper and other things have a greater chance of clogging, and most cheaper units don't have a powerful flush, which again increases the chance of clogging.

The best models to get are the ones with a air compressor unit that power flushes, I had two installed for 10 years and never had a problem with clogs. But in a nutshell put in good quality materials and you will have fewer problems (keep all receipts though, nothing is foolproof)

And some landlords I know have plumbers,electricians and overall handymen either on hand directly or they tell their tenants if there is a emergency with plumbing to call their plumber and so on.

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